Our Purpose, Passions and Values

At Deceuninck, our purpose is to manufacture high-quality, innovative products, relying on our accumulation of knowledge and the support of our expert staff. We strive to bring comfortable living to your home.

The creation of our PVC windows and doors is inspired by a set of ethics and values that inform all that we do. We’re passionate about creating premium products that respect our customers, our employees and our environment.

Sustainable and Aesthetic Design

Sustainability is one of Deceuninck’s core principles. We aim to assist all our customers towards energy-efficient building construction.

For this reason, our PVC windows and doors provide high insulation, have long lives and require minimum maintenance. To minimise damage to nature, our manufacturing processes leave minimum ecologic traces on the environment, use minimum energy and have a recyclable structure.

Another of our core principles is design aesthetic. Our various designs help you to further beautify your spaces and reflect your style in your architecture.

Our products possess a time-independent design that will meet your expectations with their wide colour options, natural texture and unique surface quality.

A contemporary home with modern and stylish windows.

Our Values and Beliefs

Honesty is one of our key guiding values, for all the relationships we take part in. We create an open and frank working environment with all our employees and customers.

Our entire communication process is built around clear speaking and plain truths. We underake direct feedback with all our partners.

We prioritise energy efficiency, quality insulation and recycled materials. In order to minimize damage to the environment, our manufacturing processes leave minimum ecologic traces on nature.

A Passionate Corporate Culture

As a result of our corporate culture, all of our employees and partners are proud of working together, emboying principles of honesty, performance and entrepreneurship.

We genuinely value our relationships with clients and the opinions of our employees. We respect their decisions and encourage them to take responsibility for the products we create together.

We strive to manufacture long-life, environmentally friendly, high insulation, quality, durable and recyclable products. This success is based on the quality and high performance of our services as well as customer relations based on mutual trust.

A contemporary home with modern and stylish windows.

Modern Slavery Statement 2023

Deceuninck Pty Ltd is committed to working towards the eradication of modern slavery in all its forms.

We have a responsibility to respect and uphold human rights in our operations and supply chains. This responsibility includes taking action to prevent, mitigate and where appropriate, remedy instances of modern slavery wherever it is found.

This Deceuninck Pty Ltd modern slavery statement is given by Deceuninck Pty Ltd and covers its subsidiaries and related entities.

This statement has been prepared in accordance with the requirements in the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) for the reporting period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.

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