A Commitment To The Australian Environment

For Deceuninck, sustainability is an integral aspect of our product stewardship.

We define product stewardship as managing the impacts of our PVC products through the entirety of their life cycle. We consider the health, safety and environmental aspects as guided by our principles of sustainability.

The Product Stewardship Program

We’re committed to our goal of a sustainable PVC industry. To this end, we’ve implemented the Australian PVC Industry’s Product Stewardship Program.

The purpose of this program is to enable raw material suppliers, products manufacturers and distributors to be joint stewards of PVC products, from their production and use, and right through to their disposal. We aim to harness modern technology to make the PVC industry as safe and beneficial as possible.

As leaders of the PVC manufacturing industry, we have a responsibility to share in the management of health, safety and environmental aspects of PVC products throughout their entire product life cycle.

Taking Responsibility for Sustainability

We aim to take responsibility for the environment. It is the right thing to protect our planet and this is part of our business strategy. We are committed to caring for each other and the environment.

We strive to reduce emissions in all areas of our businesses. We safely use, handle, transfer and dispose of all raw materials, products and waste. We work to constantly increase our environmental performance in collaboration with public officials, contractors and societies.

We help others to understand their responsibilities for the environment when using our products. An environmental commitment is a responsibility shared by everyone. Nobody should think that this is another person’s responsibility.

Our Responsibility as Manufacturers

Environmentally conscious product manufacture is critically important for a sustainable way of life.

Here at Deceuninck, our operating practises are driven by our desire to leave a better world for the generations of the future.

There’s also the issue that people today are exposed to too many harmful substances in our modern world. We take our responsibility as manufacturers seriously, especially when we devise certain criteria for the production of PVC profiles.

PVC may come in the form that cannot be used by itself as a raw material. In this case, this PVC is made ready for use together with other industrial additive materials.

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