Sustainable PVC Windows and Door Profiles in Australia

Deceuninck is a respected manufacturer of PVC windows and door profiles across Australia. As an industry leader, we take our energy efficiency responsibilities seriously.

We manufacture 100% recyclable and environmentally conscious products without lead. This is a significant impact, considering our facility in Menemen is capable of manufacturing 100,000 tonnes of profiles per year.

A Sustainable PVC Industry

Deceuninck has a long and proud history of contributing to a more liveable and sustainable world.

In 2015, we responded rapidly to the new sustainability requirements of respective European countries. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to a more liveable world and sustainable life for our children. 

Deceuninck excels in manufacturing environmentally conscious products by using 100% recyclable TPE gaskets. We never use any lead or similar heavy metals in our products. Instead, we manufacture our profiles with stabilisers of calcium and zinc, which are far more environmentally friendly.

A contemporary home with modern and stylish windows.

Our Environmental Product Declaration

Deceuninck possesses the necessary EDP (Environmental Product Declaration) for PVC window and door profiles.

An EDP is a declaration that quantitatively assesses and declares the environmental performance of a product or service. This assessment is carried out according to the predetermined categories as defined in the standard ISO 14040.

These include raw materials, energy usage and efficiency, emissions to the air, water and soil, and waste.

Green Point for Industrial Responsibility

Deceuninck is a user of the Green Point system. Achieving Green Point means that a business enterprise fulfils its legal obligations regarding the recycling of packaging waste produced by that enterprise.

This system is used in 31 countries as an indication of industrial responsibility. It acts as a significant tool to communicate to the consumers that a business enterprise fulfils its obligations regarding the environment.

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